Frieze Art Fair


Yesterday I had the chance to visit Frieze Art Fair, a world-famous international organization that presents more than 160 contemporary art galleries, the most popular works of different artists, lectures of significant people and so much more. The fair is over but I wanted to share my impressions in case you missed it, or couldn’t get enough of it like me:) Keep on reading to find out more!

It was my first time visiting Frieze, and I can say that from now on it’s definitely a must-go event for me! It was in a big tent-like construction made specially for the organization in The Regents Park. As it was Saturday, it was very crowded inside which made it hard to walk around, but I was determined to see all of those amazing works:) Even though at first I thought that it would be hard to explore the whole place in one day, I was wrong since it was very well-organized and I was able to see all of the galleries in a few hours.

As soon as we started walking around, I felt really fascinated and even overwhelmed because there were literally so many beautiful and unique pieces on every corner. Some of the most striking works of contemporary art were displayed, and installations, sculptures in different forms and works where mirrors and reflections are prominent were seen a lot. Besides the works of the most famous artists such as Tracey Emin, there were also works of emerging artists which I thought was great.

The fair also included a Sculpture Park in the English Gardens, consisting of 16 works by different artists. I wasn’t able to see all of them but especially the huge balloon painted with oil as earth was impressive.

I loved almost all of the works presented, but since it’s not possible to put all of those photos here, some of my favorites are below:)

Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!


Tracey Emin, My Favorite Little Bird, 2015


Jiri Dokoupil, Untitled, 2015


Laure Prouvost, The Smoking Image, 2015


Glenn Brown, Mercury Sent to Admonish Aeneas, 2015


Haegue Yang, Sonic Sphere, 2015

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