First Istanbul Post – Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus


So, after the first term of the university ended, I returned to my hometown Istanbul to spend the Christmas break here, and it feels amazing to be back. I’ll be writing regular Istanbul posts as long as I’m here, and here’s the first one, hope you enjoy!:)

Besides from my family, friends and of course the food:), probably the breathtaking Bosphorus was what I missed the most about Istanbul. It’s an irreplaceable part of Istanbul, and maybe one of the main reasons why this city is so unique for many people including me.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul has an utterly amazing Bosphorus view, as it is situated right by the sea. So, the day after I came to Istanbul, we went there with my parents to enjoy the view whilst having afternoon coffee. If you want to celebrate a special occasion or spend some quality time with your family/friends, it’s a great place to go in my opinion.




The building is a renewed Ottoman palace from 19th century, so it has a glorious atmosphere, and you can certainly feel the historical ambience all around you. I really like the special flower arrangements that are used in the interior design of the hotel, and also the Christmas tree made from silver balls.




But the immense exterior courtyard is my favorite part as you can guess because of the gorgeous views of the Bosphorus and also the old city of Istanbul (mainly the Sultanahmet region, where most of the historical gems of Istanbul are located).






Thanks for reading!:)


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